Barge Building at Finsley Gate

Tree transport through Burnley

Barge Building at Finsley Gate, Burnley from NWfilmarchive on Vimeo.

Finsley Gate Wharf, Finsley Gate Timber Yard, Mile Wharf or Finsley Gate Boatyard? In 1946 when Sam Hanna made his film the latter was clearly most applicable and local people have differing preferences as to the correct name today. The Exbury Egg was constructed by boat builder Paul Baker and she is also registered as a boat, so I’m pleased to find myself with a berth in a place with such connections.

The boat launching area is clearly shown in Sam Hanna’s movie. The photograph of the tree being transported through Burnley and so reminiscent of the cut trees in Hanna’s film was sent to me by local man Kieron Ridehalgh. My contemporary photo shows how we change our own places and how quickly nature advances where we retreat.