Stephen Turner (Eggman) looking in on the Giudecca Egg Photo ©Calum F Kerr 2021

The Giudecca Egg was made from waste plastic collected and donated by local people on the Venetian Island of Giudecca and exhibited at Palazzetto Tito, the home of the Fondazione Bevilacqua la Masa during La Biennale de Venezia 2019; where it was part of Stephen Turner’s exhibition ‘Natura Prima?’

It was recently recreated as an installation in the Exbury Egg for the Thamesmead Festival 2021 on Saturday 14 August. Hundreds of local people enjoying the sunshine and the joy of being able to attend a live event for the first time in over a year, came to see both this and a corresponding exhibition in the Lakeside Centre by the Eggman Stephen Turner and associate artists Dani Tagen, Bhajan Hunjen, Joseph Griffiths and JD Swann (appearing courtesy of Calum F Kerr).






Bhajan Hunjan’s installation in Stephen Turner’s Exbury Egg at Thamesmead was very beautiful and had great synchronicity with the Egg’s own themes of new life, nurture and renewal as these photos and video show.

‘From Water’ 2021, 10minute loop digital video (4k and iPhone4), projectors and speakers. Sound designer Rob Szeliga

Coming Soon FROM WATER is an immersive video installation by artist Dani Tagen that invites the public to contemplate water from inside Stephen Turner’s Exbury Egg as part of his project ‘Natura Prima’ Thamesmead – Venice 2019-21 at Bow Art’s Lakeside Centre, Bazalgette Way, London, SE2 9AN. The opening times will be:-

27th June (Sunday), 3rd July (Saturday), 4th July (Sunday), 11th July (Sunday) from 11am to 4pm, or by appointment

Before the egg there is water. We all come from water and the video installation makes a link between Thamesmead, Tello/Girsu (Iraq), Treviso (Italy), and Santos (Brazil) – where Dani Tagen was born. These four places have a very close connection with the artist: they are all places she has lived, they all have an intrinsic connection with water and also represent milestones in her life. 

FROM WATER emphasises the connections we, as human beings, have with one another and water. 

The video installation, moving images and soundscapes portray water movements, tides and wave ripples from Thamesmead waters.  FROM WATER is a place of wonder. Where one goes inside to lose track of time and reconnect with nature.

Dani Tagen is one of four artist I am working with in Thamesmead. The others are Bhajan Hunjan, Joseph Griffiths and JD Swann appearing with kind permission of Calum F Kerr.

Bow Arts artist Bhajan Hunjan is currently working with Stephen Turner’s Exbury Egg. She is responding to the presence of the Egg at the Lakeside Centre and to that aspect of the Eggman’s approach to making work using natural materials.

Bhajan’s installation will be unveiled at part of the Estuary Festival over the May bank holiday weekend 29-31 May 2021.

By interacting with and collecting natural materials from the local Thamesmead environment, Bhajan will unveil her new installation in the Egg for the Estuary Festival, using techniques of threading, arranging, rearranging, picking, pricking, stitching, knotting, tangling and untangling.

Over the Covid period she has been looking at the concept of ‘healing’ and will use herbs from the Monks’ garden at local Lesnes Abbey, as part of the installation. Join us to learn more about the local flora and fauna of Thamesmead and perhaps take away your own healing herbs!

Opening Hours as part of the Estuary Festival

Saturday 29 May, 11am to 4pm
Sunday 30 & Monday 31 May, 11am to 3pm

Lakeside Centre Southmere Lake Complex, 2 Bazalgette Way, London, SE2 9AN

The project is supported by Bow Arts and Arts Council England. 

Over the last year of lockdown due to Covid19, the Exbury Egg has suffered significant weathering which needed to be urgently addressed in order to accommodate a series of new events in Thamesmead between now and the end of August. I spent the whole of last week sealing leaks in the upper half of the shell, particularly around the windows and doors, as well as treating the timber against some evident decay. I had a huge amount of assistance from Dani Tagen, one of the four artists I am working with in Thamesmead and who is due to have her own installation called ‘From Water’ in the Egg in June – July.

Dani Tagen on top of Stephen Turner’s Exbury Egg
Close Inspection shows the general wear and tear
Decay to the outer western red cedar shell of the Egg
Dani Tagen – Mission Accomplished

Episode 6 of Thamemead’s Best Beaks – Thamesmead Tales & Feathers

Listen Easter Sunday 4 April, 12noon – 1pm on

JD Swann is broadcasting tomorrow at noon, with ‘Thamesmead’s Best Beaks’ on RTM FM (Radio Thamesmead). This is Episode 6 of a series that began with an interview of the Eggman, Stephen Turner and has included JD Swann’s own occupation of the Exbury Egg.

For the last of the series J D hears and reads tales of nature from residents of Thamesmead and walks on encountering its many wildlife surprises. Featuring bird music, bird poetry, several Guess That Bird challenges, and an Egyptian Goose waiting for the bus.

Episode 1 ‘The Egg’; Episode 2 ‘Nature Walking’; Episode 3 ‘Havens & Reserves’;
Episode 4 ‘Wild Identification’, Episode 5 ‘Swans, Swans, Swans’ available at

J D Swann, maverick ornithological investigator addresses the natural world in Thamesmead and further afield in a bi-monthly show that mixes beak-to-beak interviews, nature news, field recordings, observations, and cultural (Blue) titbits.

J D Swann appears courtesy of Calum F Kerr.

Thamesmead’s Best Beaks on RTM is supported by a bursary from a-n The Artists Information Company and Arts Council England.

Image: J D Swann with binoculars by Alessia Gammarota. Birds by J D.