The National tour of the Exbury Egg is reaching its conclusion with a final showing in Hastings at the Jerwood Gallery and posts will follow that explore its new situation and relationship to this intriguing shoreline situation so far only seen on the twitter feed.


  1. I am writing for the third time to enquire, what are the details of the architect and builder who helped build this marvellous and beautiful egg because I want to build one. I am excited about how the egg shape is related to dome homes and how this natural curvatures are the true answer to hurricanes’ problems where millions of people today who have their homes destroyed are sadly going to go back to unnatural shapes of boxes and triangles which Nature will come again next year to teach humanity that is not the way to build a home!! There are so many dome and circular designed homes that has been pioneered for thousands of years including some that are still doing well as round houses in China and other parts of the world. The egg is sprouting connections that answer to the woes of the world.

    1. Hi There and thank you for your enquiry about the Exbury Egg. I’m sorry you have not received a response yet. I did find your earlier enquiry on Facebook and replied, but it seems to have been lost ‘in the ether’ I hope to have better luck now direct from wordpress. The Egg was built by a boat builder called Paul Baker and the architectural practice I worked with is PAD Studio in Lymington, UK – particularly a wonderful architect called Wendy Perring. The creative team was managed by Space Placemaking and Urban Design (SPUD) who initially brought us all together. As a floating structure, we also needed the advice of a marine engineer and we were fortunate to be helped by Stephen Payne who designed the ocean liner Queen Mary II. You can find SPUD at and PAD at Please do keep in touch and let me know if you advance your plans.

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