Egg @TCMargate

Here there is no water but only rock / rocks and no water and the sand road (detail) c. 1973 © National Museums Wales
I found Graham Sutherland's egg when visiting the superb exhibition'Journeys with The Wasteland' at Turner Contemporary in Margate. His drawing illustrates the words from Eliot's poem of its title. Sutherland's fractured symbol of new life and nurture shows the head of a bird peeking out onto an arid, spiritual wasteland. It's a petrified rock of an egg.

Our undeclared war on nature, symbolised by plastic waste across every continent and sea, is our own particular legacy for the future. Egglet (PP)  V, is one of a series made from polypropylene rope, found discarded on Hastings Stade during a residency @JerwoodGallery for the exhibition @everythingcomesfromtheegg last year.