Mumbai Egg Gestating

Architect James Law’s plans to build the impressive Mumbai Cybertecture Egg office block would seem to owe a little to the more modest live/ work space of the Exbury Egg. My approximate 10 sq metres of floor space (including mezzanine for sleeping) is a bit dwarfed by Mumbai’s fourteen floors (three below ground) with around 10,000 sq metres per floor and extending to a height of 62 metres. Like the Exbury Egg though, it’s is designed to be ‘lean and green’ and plans include solar photovoltaic panels, rooftop wind turbines, an elevated garden and a grey water filtration system—while the tilt of the structure is calculated to increase its solar energy gain. Importantly, both The Exbury Egg and the Cybertercture Egg embody the source of all life in the implicit meaning of their form. Perhaps the Exbury Egg will pay a visit when they are ready for their launch….