JD Swann in the Exbury Egg, Saturday August 17th

On Saturday August 17th from noon until 6pm, J D Swann*, a leading Ornithological Investigator, will present the first of four interactive workshops in the Exbury Egg on location at the Lakeside Centre, Thamesmead. He will be asking ‘What are the characteristics of the ‘typical’ Thamesmead bird?’ You may decide on your favourite beak, head, neck, body, wings, tail feathers, legs and feet and make collages from their images.  J D is also open to all bird stories; about the Swans on Southmere Lake, Rose-Ringed Parakeets, Grebes, Coots and Cormorants. From the workshops he will create a free poster of the ‘typical’ Thamesmead bird to be available locally (and from the Exbury Egg) from October – dates to be announced.

Workshops are free and you are welcome to drop in at any time, or stay for the afternoon.

All materials are provided.

Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

PLEASE NOTE that there are stairs leading into the Egg.
Please be aware filming and photography may take place during the workshops, notify J D if you do not wish to be recorded’

*J D Swann appears courtesy of Calum F Kerr