Feeding the Birds

Just over two weeks ago we had an event beside the Exbury Egg at the Lakeside Centre to share swan food with the birds on Southmere Lake and for the launch of JD Swann’s Thamesmead Best Beaks artwork poster. 

Instructions on how, when and what to feed to the birds were distributed. However, our Thamesmead swans are hopelessly addicted to bread which isn’t good for them. It will take a lot of persuasion to get them onto more healthy options, but our information sheet makes a number of suggestions which can be tried out and is reproduced here.

The Eggman, a serious swan lover, made his own bespoke swan pellets from potato starch, rice four and vegetable puree that took three hours to make and three seconds to eat – but it made him feel good.

Small samples of commercial swan food were also given to visitors to feed the birds at the lakeside and favourable reports have been received!  Angelina and her two children reported that the swans “quickly ate it, and that it looked like it was as delicious as bread!”

More will be available as a seasonal gift to anyone attending the forthcoming Winter Solstice Celebration at the Exbury Egg on Sunday December 22nd 2-5pm. As the days get shorter and colder, the more we need to help.


Angelina and her children with swan food samples.
JD Swann with the Eggman Stephen Turner, making bespoke swan food.