First Anniversary

Yesterday marked the anniversary of the Exbury Egg being floated on Southmere Lake in Thamesmead. She was on the water for a month and then relocated for community use as a guest of the Lakeside Centre managed by Bow Arts Trust.

A lot was planned to happen between March and now, but Covid19 just brought everything to a full stop. The Egg was due to leave this week for waters new, but remains so that we can eventually complete the project with installations by two Thamesmead based artists – Dani Tagen and Bhajan Hunjan and hopefully a farewell exhibition. Before this I need to do at least a week of essential repairs  as soon as the lockdown eases sufficiently for me to visit and work on site. Hopefully not at all long now, the way things are going.

Many thanks to Thamesmead photographers Paul Elliot and Dave Cooper for remembering the anniversary yesterday and posting on facebook. Paul’s is the very 1970s effect black and white image and Dave was in command of the airborne division! Kind regards to all my friends in Thamesmead.