Giudecca Egg in Thamesmead London

Stephen Turner (Eggman) looking in on the Giudecca Egg Photo ©Calum F Kerr 2021

The Giudecca Egg was made from waste plastic collected and donated by local people on the Venetian Island of Giudecca and exhibited at Palazzetto Tito, the home of the Fondazione Bevilacqua la Masa during La Biennale de Venezia 2019; where it was part of Stephen Turner’s exhibition ‘Natura Prima?’

It was recently recreated as an installation in the Exbury Egg for the Thamesmead Festival 2021 on Saturday 14 August. Hundreds of local people enjoying the sunshine and the joy of being able to attend a live event for the first time in over a year, came to see both this and a corresponding exhibition in the Lakeside Centre by the Eggman Stephen Turner and associate artists Dani Tagen, Bhajan Hunjen, Joseph Griffiths and JD Swann (appearing courtesy of Calum F Kerr).