Has anyone seen Cynthia & Ted

Cynthia was thrown out of home when her ‘mum’ had a clear out. “I don’t know what I had done wrong. Suddenly I was cast away with a mattress, a new mop from the kitchen that had never been used and all sorts of other things. But I’m worried about my friend Ted over there. He nearly drowned, but a kind samaritan put him on the wall”. Ted told a similar story. He feels we live in a city of neglect and waste and that this canalised river is its refuse channel. Shoved into a bin bag, he’d been taken out after dark and heard someone say ‘just chuck ‘im in’t cut.’ He floated all night in the airtight bag and then somehow found himself on the barge with Cynthia.. “I don’t know what will happen to me now” he told me, hopelessly exhausted and slumped against the graffitied concrete wall. This was on January 28th. When I returned this week to see how they were doing, both had drifted on…

‘I sunk as low as it’s possible to go’ – Cynthia
‘I heard a voice say just chuck ‘im in’t cut’ -Ted


This wharf off Hancock Road is in constant use by the river authorities who dredge an unending collection of flotsam and jetsam from the surrounding waterways. The wide path here is also a favourite spot for Graffiti artists to contribute to their own wall of fame.