Egg Repairs

Over the last year of lockdown due to Covid19, the Exbury Egg has suffered significant weathering which needed to be urgently addressed in order to accommodate a series of new events in Thamesmead between now and the end of August. I spent the whole of last week sealing leaks in the upper half of the shell, particularly around the windows and doors, as well as treating the timber against some evident decay. I had a huge amount of assistance from Dani Tagen, one of the four artists I am working with in Thamesmead and who is due to have her own installation called ‘From Water’ in the Egg in June – July.

Dani Tagen on top of Stephen Turner’s Exbury Egg
Close Inspection shows the general wear and tear
Decay to the outer western red cedar shell of the Egg
Dani Tagen – Mission Accomplished