‘From Water’

‘From Water’ 2021, 10minute loop digital video (4k and iPhone4), projectors and speakers. Sound designer Rob Szeliga

Coming Soon FROM WATER is an immersive video installation by artist Dani Tagen that invites the public to contemplate water from inside Stephen Turner’s Exbury Egg as part of his project ‘Natura Prima’ Thamesmead – Venice 2019-21 at Bow Art’s Lakeside Centre, Bazalgette Way, London, SE2 9AN. The opening times will be:-

27th June (Sunday), 3rd July (Saturday), 4th July (Sunday), 11th July (Sunday) from 11am to 4pm, or by appointment info@danitagen.com

Before the egg there is water. We all come from water and the video installation makes a link between Thamesmead, Tello/Girsu (Iraq), Treviso (Italy), and Santos (Brazil) – where Dani Tagen was born. These four places have a very close connection with the artist: they are all places she has lived, they all have an intrinsic connection with water and also represent milestones in her life. 

FROM WATER emphasises the connections we, as human beings, have with one another and water. 

The video installation, moving images and soundscapes portray water movements, tides and wave ripples from Thamesmead waters.  FROM WATER is a place of wonder. Where one goes inside to lose track of time and reconnect with nature.

Dani Tagen is one of four artist I am working with in Thamesmead. The others are Bhajan Hunjan, Joseph Griffiths and JD Swann appearing with kind permission of Calum F Kerr.